(54cm X 50cm X160 sheets) The soft, durable and water-proof surface protector

Ctn of 6 Rolls   inc GST


  • perforated water-proof bedsheet roll is a perfect underlay and surface protector that gives optimal protection for the surface.
  • Ideal for use as a bedsheet, surface protector, tray liner, pillow cover, a stretcher sheet, trolley cover and baby change table cover, etc
  • Soft and gentle on skin, yet thick and durable tissue provides a linen-like feel for optimum patient comfort
  • Product consists of two layers of paper and one layer of waterproof plastic, ensuring excellent absorbency and waterproofing.
  • Water-proof layer prevents contamination to the surface when body fluids are involved during the examination or procedure
  • Perforated every 50cms, easy to tear
  • 160 sheets per roll

Bedsheet roll 54cm x 80m Perforated

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